The Women's Empowerment Scholarship


2019 Women's Empowerment Scholarship Winner

Bridget Oei

After developing a renewable energy source to power pacemakers in high school, Bridget studied Environmental Chemistry at the University of  Connecticut. She is Miss Connecticut 2018 and placed 1st runner-up at the national Miss America pageant. 

In this role, Bridget travels the state of Connecticut using her position to advocate for education, career exploration, community service involvement and scholastic achievement.  In particular, her personal social-impact focus encourages young women to explore their potential in STEM fields. 

In her own academic pursuits, Bridget has researched the role of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling in the regeneration of cartilage to prevent osteoarthritis. Additionally, Bridget has traveled to under-served communities on three occasions to help provide medical care. While in Peru, she met an 18-month-old baby girl with a common viral throat infection and learned that the presiding doctor didn’t have the proper medication to save her life. 

Frustrated with the inability to treat the infant girl, Bridget returned to South America months later with the proper equipment and medications to provide effective care for the community. This experience, among several others, inspired her love for medicine as well as her desire to become a physician. 

In her own words, Bridget states, “I truly cannot imagine a more exciting or rewarding career.”
Congratulations, Bridget!! We are happy to award you with a $2,500 scholarship to aid in the next phase of your education at the University of Connecticut’s Medical  School!