The Women's Empowerment Scholarship


2019 Women's Empowerment Scholarship Winner

Christine Habjan

Christine studied biotechnology and chemistry as part of the Class of 2019 at Syracuse University. As an aspiring medical scientist, she will  go on to continue her education at the prestigious University of Oxford in England where she will complete the Department of Oncology’s MSC in Radiation Biology in order to advance her understanding of cancer  treatment. 

Christine hopes to image and identify processes inside living cells in order to predict and understand why cancer evolves. Ultimately, she hopes to shape the field of cancer detection and therapeutics. 

Beyond this, Christine’s time at Syracuse has involved being a member of the Women’s Rowing Team. Despite defining herself as not having the typical tall and lengthy rower’s body, Christine now sits firmly as one of the top ten rowers on her Division I team, ranked 14th in the nation.
Congratulations, Christine!!  We admire your hard work and are proud to award you with a $1,500 scholarship to aid you as you further your education at the University of Oxford!