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Susan Baran - Professor, Bryant University

Susan Baran spent 17 years as a news and public affairs journalist before embarking on a college teaching career.  After receiving a B.A. in Communication from Rhode Island College, she began work as a television producer, reporter and anchor in Boston.  She eventually landed at the CBS network in Philadelphia, working in both production and syndication management. Susan also worked in other major markets including New York and Los Angeles, and during her tenure in the industry held positions as writer, producer, anchor, entertainment reporter, and syndication manager.  

Susan attended graduate school at Norwich University, studying Media Literacy & Education. This continues to be her main area of focus at Bryant University where she has developed a curriculum around critical thinking about media.  Both Susan and her students work in the K-12 sector, conducting media literacy workshops and informing both parents and teachers of its importance in the contemporary media culture.  

Susan is a member of the National Association of Media Literacy Education, is a strong proponent of service learning, and teaches numerous courses including public speaking, mass communication, film studies, media literacy, and other courses which focus on media effects, ethics, and theory.  She recently co-authored a book for Oxford University Press entitled, “Introduction to Human Communication: Perception, Meaning, And Identity.  

Susan is married with two adult children, loves the ocean and is an avid reader.