The Women's Empowerment Scholarship


Board of Directors

Tom Leyden - Sports Director, WFXT-Boston 25 News

Tom joined WFXT in April, 2015 as the lead sports anchor for Boston 25 News. He oversees the department, anchors sports and hosts special programming, including the "Boston 25 Sports Wrap" and "Boston 25 Sports In Depth." 

Over the course of 19 years in television, Tom has been nominated for 31 Regional Emmy Awards and has won 11 Emmys for his work. His goal is to appeal to a broad audience, not just the hardcore sports fan. 

A graduate of Boston College, Tom began his career in sports working for the National Football League, then the National Hockey League for a total of six years. His television career began in 2000, taking him to Allentown, PA and then Detroit, MI, before his return to Boston in 2015. 

Tom has two sisters and is married with two daughters - the main reasons he is dedicated to the mission of The Women's Empowerment Scholarship.  His life has been heavily influenced by strong women at home and in the workplace.